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Winter Driving Club in Spain & Portugal

Store your car over the winter in Spain and have fun on track days, road trips and car shows. A collaboration between Gentlemen Driving and Scan Global Logistics.

Why hibernate your car during winter, when you can store it for the same price in Spain and fly down to enjoy road trips, track days car shows?

The international club for car enthusiasts Gentlemen Driving Club has developed the new concept Winter Driving Club in collaboration with IQS, a logistician for special automobile transports and subsidiary of the Scan Global Logistics Group.

The Winter Driving Club, and its state-of-the art storage facility in Granada, Spain is the perfect solution solution for people around Europe to enjoy their cars on track days, road trips, car shows, and other activities in Spain and Portugal during the winter period or, why not, year round.

Granada is very well connected to Europe via its international airport, as it is close to many  well-known tourist destinations, tracks and other points of interest in Spain and Portugal.

Contact us and we will inform you of all the benefits from being part of the Winter Driving Club.

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Join our club road trips, track days & car shows

Gentlemen Driving Club organize many activities in Spain & Portugal every month to enjoy your car in the winter season and meet great new car enthusiasts.

Here is what is included in the concept, please fill in the contact form if you like to speak to us about this great idea.

1. Transport your car to Spain

  • Our transport partner IQS will pick up your car and park it up in our Granada facility.

  • Or you can drive down your car to our Granada center yourself.

2. Store your car in our Granada center 

  • Storage in high class safe facilities

  • Battery trickle charger & car cover

  • Technical service & repairs on site

  • Detailing & cleaning service

  • Transport to track days & road trips

  • Storage from 250€ / month

3. Enjoy Gentlemen Driving Club activities all year around

  • International car club with members all over Europe

  • We organize many car activities in Spain & Portugal

  • 2-3 track days / month

  • 2-3 road trips / month

  • 2-3 car show events / month

  • Club Membership 249€ / year

4. Arrive-and-Drive on racetracks

  • We have a team of Porsche Caymans you can rent to drive on race tracks. if you do not like to use your own car

  • From 375€ / hour to drive our racing cars on track days

  • Read more here about our Track Team

5. Travel agency cervice

  • We book your travels & hotel rooms if you like

  • We can pick you up & drop off at airports & hotels

Please fill in the form below if you like to know more about our Winter Driving Club, we are happy to take care of your car and help you enjoy the winter season a bit more.