The Gentleman Driver

The Gentleman Driver ( Link to the 2018 Movie )

Are you a Gentleman Driver?

The reference to being a “Gentlemen Driver” goes back in time and is often linked to the 24-hour endurance racing of Le Mans and similar Motorsport series. Since Motorsport began, it’s always been not only a fund consuming industry but a massively passionate one.

A friend of mine and veteran 24h racer, Jim Briody, once asked me:

-“Do you know how to make a million dollars in Motorsports?

-“Please tell me Jim” I said…

-“Well, start with 5 million, and after a few years, you might be lucky and have a million left over…”


The Gentleman Driver is the non professional pilot who pays the racing team for a seat to race. It’s the car enthusiast with a passion for racing. It’s very often their financial contributions that enable many teams to race at all and this adds much excitement to the sport.

Being a Gentleman Driver is associated with being a hard working, motorsports and race car enthusiast that invests its own money into this passionate industry.

Do you consider yourself a Gentlemen Driver?

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