First Gentlemen Driving Club’s ‘Time to Shine’ Popular Concourse

This past Saturday August 21st, Gentlemen Driving Club held its first Time to Shine popular concourse at Son Gual Golf in Mallorca. The event was an absolute success, hosting 28 concourse cars and more than 120 guests, who enjoyed automotive jewels from years past, such as Jaguar E-Types, DeLorean DMC or Ferrari 308 GTS, as well as modern marvels such as McLaren 720s Spyder, Porsche 911 Speedster or several especial-edition Ford Mustangs.


After carefully reviewing all concourse cars, both participants and guests voted for their choice of best classic, best American car, and sports car as well as their pick for best in show. Competition was fierce, but three cars prevailed:

Best Sports Car: McLaren 720s Spyder

Winner of ‘Best Sports Car’ Category

Best Classic Car: Fiat Dino

Winner of ‘Best Classic Car’ Category

Best American Car: DeLorean DMC

Winner of ‘Best American Car’ Category

Best in Show: McLaren 720s Spyder

Winner of ‘Best in Show’ Category

We wrapped up the event with a luncheon at the clubhouse’s restaurant overlooking the golf course. A special thanks to the American Car Club in Mallorca, who collaborated as well as participated in the event, making, as to Son Gual Golf for providing their facilities and lunch for the event.

Video of our first Time to Shine event in Mallorca.

This is the first Time to Shine we organise, but we will be hosting more soon so stay tuned!

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