Racing enthusiast dream comes true

Steve Dimakos is a member of our Gentlemen Driving Club in the US who fulfilled his dream of racing with his son. He and his son Dimitri had been having great success racing with their Porsche, and it was a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to interview him and share his experience with all our club members.


  Steve Dimakos and his son Dimitri after winning their first place podium

Steve is a racing enthusiast who could only dream of racing, so one year ago today, he thought it would be fun to go racing with his son. As this was the day before his 60th birthday, he added some pressure to his anxiety by saying it would be a great gift to be on the Podium! Race day came along and Dimitri not only gave them a 1st place podium but they also won by one full lap in the Enduro. This was only the beginning of a year many could only wish for, with 5 first place race weekends and only one second place finish in their class after 12 total races. They also had much fun and made some extraordinary friendships along the way!


First place podium trophy

All that said, none of everything accomplished could have been possible without the support of The Porsche Exchange as well as the the team at Goldcrest Motorsports that kept them running when their car threw them a curveball! Additionally, Bryan Sellers was beyond a coach and a mentor, but an extraordinary friend with guidance every step of their way. Thanks to Sol at Perfect Power they could put their car back together in between their two races. Without them, they wouldn’t have accomplished all these successes.

Porsche 911 GT3 in action!

Racing buddies

What’s more, this past weekend they raced in a field of 72 cars where they finished 1st in class, and 3rd and 4th overall in both races. Given the age and class of their car, results are borderline ridiculous!!
Congrats Steve and Dimitri for all the success and we only hope the best for you in the future. It’s a pleasure to have you in our car club family and thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with our community.

Porsche 911 GT3

Ready, set, race!

All car enthusiasts out there, stay tuned and don’t miss out our upcoming posts.



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