Official opening of Gentlemen Driving Club’s new garage in Marbella

Last Thursday 21st of April, we celebrated the inauguration of the club’s new garage in Marbella. With more than 300 square meters, it includes everything you have come to expect from our club: two workstations with lifts and tools, two painting / washing / polishing stations, and, of course, a bar with coffee and beer overlooking the workstations to meet with other members and relax. This new facility will be open to our members every Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 8 pm.
All members have free access to the garage, lifts, tools & machines, plus all drinks in the fridge. A very big value considering our membership fee is only 249€ / year.


We want to thank all the club members and our sponsors for your support and Suad El-Azem for his invaluable help in making this a reality.


More information about our new garage @ gentlemen
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Enrique Carbonell – Marketing Manager
Gentlemen Driving Club


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