Club Members Menu

In this menu you can read about our member features, click the green buttons to visit each feature. Just sign up as member here in order to access all our content and recieve invitations to our events.

Member Directory

Here you find all the other members, with contact details. You can read about them and send messages and start networking inside the club.

Local Club Directory

Here you find the list of countries and city areas where we have members and activities. Contact us if you like to start a local club in your city.

Track Day Calendar

Visit our track day calendar with racing experiences for all members to enjoy. We are constantly updating with new events. 

Social Event Calendar

We are organizing meetups, weekend drives and other social activities, visit our social event calendar here. We are constantly updating with new events. 

Buy & sell cars & stuff

Here you can list ads of cars and other car related items you like to sell, check what is for sale and find good deals. New or used items from members or from companies. 

Our Club Brand Shop

Here you can order your branded clothes and accessories with the Gentlemen Driving logo on. In the Full Membership comes a welcome box with our baseball cap, coffee mug and some other items included.


Ask our Experts

We have a growing number of experts in different car & racing related areas. You find "Ask Our Experts" in the top menu under "Members Menu".

Our club Sponsors

Companies with interesting services and products for our members can become sponsors. They all have special deals for us members. Identify your self by sending ├Żour digital membership card or showing it in their shops.  

Digital Membership Card

You have your personal membership card, with your membership number and a QR code. With the card you can enter all our events and recieve sponsor discounts. The card is only accessible for paying Full Members. 


Become one of our Club Ambassadors

We have a team of people working with the club member support centrally. Locally we have Ambassadors helping us organizing events. Sign up the form on the Ambassador page if you are interested to become one.